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Broad-minded Wellness

Broad-minded provides bespoke Workshops for a variety of people and purposes.  We can tailor the workshop to your needs to cover the following;

  • Intuitive Music Making for creativity and relaxation 

  • Mindfulness  for greater awareness, gratitude and  presence

  • Coaching for development and wellness 

  • Movement and Enerchi for feeling balanced and healthy

  • Meditation for grounding and focus

Our "Holding the Space" workshop and course covers much of the above

For more information email lee@broad-minded.com


Broad-minded Coaching

Broad-minded coaching is based on an holistic style that uses the transformational model.  It's very much about using a whole person intuitive approach that's future focused.  The coaching process helps you to become truly aware of who you are, understand yourself more, and what you really want to do. Through a thought provoking and creative process we help people to unlock barriers, as well as self limiting beliefs so they can achieve and sustain their full potential. 

For more information go to broad-mindedcoaching.com

Movement and Enerchi

Broad-minded’s Movement and Enerchi is a concept whereby you explore and have fun using Chi (Energy) to enhance your wellbeing whilst also improving your health and fitness.

For more go to movementandenerchi.com

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