The Big Picture represents the planetary solar system and is a conceptual way of looking at life and all it involves..  These areas are interlinked with many aspects of our lives from a broad-minded perspective..  For more information go to the individual planets in the sub menu and In the future we will be launching a full online magazine/blog/signpost etc that encompasses creating awareness, unity, creativity, positivity, fulfilling potential, self caring, expression, compassion, inspiration etc as well as having a social and planetary conscious.  It's very much about being open-minded, developing, trying something new, embracing change etc.  These areas may develop one at a time, together or in tandem, who knows as we naturally evolve through time and space......

Broad-minded's main areas of focus linked to the planets are;

  • Music Development

  • Personal Development

  • Creative Development

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Community Unity and being Charitable

  • Looking after the Planet

  • Entrepreneur Development

  • Positive News

  • Spiritual Awareness

  • Science and Innovation

  • Mindful Social Interaction

The Bigger Picture