Spiritual-minded - (Neptune)


Spiritual-minded is about many aspects though in it's essence it's about being at peace with yourself and who are.  Being spiritual can often be viewed as having faith in a higher being, the universe, creator, devine, god, etc and that we are all one.  This is perfectly fine, though if you are not a spiritual person by nature we are still human beings that deserve to be valued, expressive, to love, be loved and be peaceful with one another.  Being spiritual highlights about being compassionate, kind, loving, humble and grateful for what we are and have etc. Spirituality can also be linked to the indigenous people whom have distinct social and cultural aspects that share collective ancestral ties to the lands and natural resources where they live.


Maybe look at spirituality with a different light if you feel you are not interested in spirituality or don't believe in such things.  It's very much about personal development for the inner and outer journey of self, so if you want to grow as a person and come from a point of view that we are always learning and growing then this may well be helpful for you.  As Bruce Lee once said take what you want, discard what doesn't resonate with you and add your own to meet your life's needs.

This magazine will look at many positive aspects of spirituality for example poems, parables, inspirational and motivational quotes, videos, links, spiritual leaders, sages, shamanism, ancient practices etc as well as stories etc 

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