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Get Gritty with Book-minded

Welcome to our new Book-minded club. Every so often we will highlight a book to read that will broaden your mind and aid yourself as a person. Reading self development books can be very interesting, rewarding and motivating. You can learn more about yourself, certain topics/areas, about others, and the world we live in. It's a great tool to add more knowledge, insight and wisdom to your life. Like Bruce Lee did when he read books you can take what you want, discard what doesn't fit for you, and then with the information gained you can add your own flavour to things going forward.

Reading self development books can help you in various ways such as the following;

  • For creating, improving or maintaining a positive mindset

  • For acting as an inspiration to do, to be, to let go etc

  • To relax and take stock of where you are currently at

  • To gain new perspectives

  • To help motivate, invigorate and stimulate you

  • To keep or move you into an energy of vibrance and momentum

  • Some books have exercises for you to do that help you move forward

A book I really enjoyed was called Grit:The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth..

It’s a great informative read about success not being based solely on natural talent but rather the amount of grit of a person. The book definitely helps make you more gritty and takes an in depth look at passion and resilience. Highly recommended regarding goals, parenting grit, your own purpose or even if you enjoy what you doing in life. There is lots of research done to back everything up and the book helps you focus in on what you really want to do, what your passionate about and why it’s important to enjoy what your doing in terms of motivation. The book makes you really think about your mindset with examples of people succeeding regardless of the challenges and looks at consistency and not intensity being the key to being successful.

It would make a lovely Christmas present or treat for yourself so check it out. I will be adding more books in future blogs.

Be Broad-minded and be transformed into your own "intuitive art form"

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