Passion-minded - (Venus) 


Passion-minded is about being passionate about a cause, campaigns, justice, bringing positive news, protecting the planet, protecting animals etc....being able to live in harmony, with fairness for all, true diversity, no poverty, equality for all etc

There are many things going on in the world which are unfair and this does not allow for people to live the lives the way they should be able to do so.  Passion-minded will highlight the areas that we as people need to address in order for us all to live together in a more balanced and fair society. 


We will highlight people's difficulties/real stories in order to create awareness.  We will also focus on inspirational stories which show the world has great kindness, spirit and soul.  We will act as a signpost for people to get help and support in these areas, and also to find ways of signposting people whom want to help!