Music Gift Experiences  (Coming Spring/Summer 2022)

"DJ in a day"

Do you want to experience how it feels to dj back in the day without all the modern dj gimmicks that do the mixing for you?

Well using the famous Technic 1210 turntables that were used in all the clubs when House music came to the fore you now can.  Along with a dj mixer and speakers you'll go back to basics and mix the music with teachings from a dj winner with over 20 years experience who's played in the bars and clubs of Manchester and is a DJ tutor in schools in Cheshire. 

Go to my web site for more about my dj background

Do you want to know how to mix (beat match) club tracks of your choice with the touch and feel of vinyl?

Using a digital vinyl system you can experience the real authentic feel of playing and mixing any electronic music you choose.  You can do this by downloading and bringing it with you on a usb stick. 


What you will experience;

  • To mix the music through Beat matching 

  • The basics of Scratching

  • Using Effects to change the music  

Outcome = your own mini mix

What's included

Free tea/coffee and snacks

Free gift

4 hours (Full Day) = 1 person £225  /  2 people - £300

"Producer in a day"

Do you want to produce your own electronic track in an intuitive and fun way having had no experience of playing a music instrument?

With experience of teaching in an intuitive manner in private lessons, schools and the community I offer the opportunity for you to make your own music using tactile equipment that's easy to use such as a groove box with a keyboard.

Do you want to record your own track that you can upload to social-media to show your friends and family your new skills?

At the end of the session you will perform and record your track live.

What you will experience;

  • Creating your own drum patterns in real time

  • Playing and recording your own bass lines, melodies and harmonies

  • Adding effects

  • Arranging and editing your own track

  • Mixing, performing and recording your own track

Outcome = Your own electronic track

Free tea/coffee and snacks

Free gift

4 hours (Full Day) - 1 person- £225  /  2 people - £300

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