Wellness - (Mercury)


Wellness is such an important aspect of our lives and in order to function well we need to be at peace within ourselves and within the world we live in.  There are many factors that can affect are wellbeing; responsibilities, goals we want to achieve, careers, family life, peer pressure, financial pressures, relationships, loss of loved ones, lack of nature and connection to our planet etc. Our emotional and mental wellbeing can be constantly pulled in all directions and many things are out of our control as life moves forward at a fast pace with technology, science and other aspects of life as it evolves. 

What we can do to stay centred? What can we do to deal with impermanence as everything is always changing?  Wellness covers such a vast area starting very much with health in mind.  Aspects such as sleep, diet, exercise etc are all important areas though it's much more than, it encompasses our balance and growth in respect to our journey in life, our learnings, our place in society, how we feel in ourself and about oneself, who we feel we are and how can we be happy and content with who we are.

This section will very much look at ways to self care, ways to develop ourself, ways to just be etc.  There will be articles and features on all aspects of health and wellbeing in order to live life with balance and purpose.

Broad-minded also provides services to help with this such as the following below;

Professional Coaching for Development and Wellness 

As part of our Wellness Services we offer Professional Coaching in order for you to take time out and self care, find out who you really are and what you really want to do in life.  Become more aware of the bigger picture will get the best out of you.  We take time to look after our cars, homes etc yet don't always give ourselves the attention it deserves and requires in order to move forward in life.  Coaching is about personal development and it's about having a balanced life.  You may be happy in work though not in another area so it's about finding and maintaining balance in your life for your own wellbeing.

Type of life Coaching

  • Personal Life Coaching

  • Workplace Coaching

  • Coaching in the Community (3rd Sector )


Broad-minded coaching is based on an holistic style that uses the transformational model.  It's very much about using a whole person intuitive approach that's future focused.  The coaching process helps you to become truly aware of who you are, understand yourself more, and what you really want to do. Through a thought provoking and creative process we help people to unlock barriers, as well as self limiting beliefs so they can achieve and sustain their full potential. 

For more information go to broad-mindedcoaching.com

Movement, Mindfulness, Music and Chi

New bespoke movement, mindfulness and fitness classes/workshops coming in the near future for a variety of people and purposes.

With a background in Martial Arts, a participator of many sports and a keen passion in keeping well in the mind, body and spirit I am developing my own movement classes for the future.  Through movement and holistic practices I am currently in training to become a Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation Practitioner and I will incorporate this into an engaging, varied and fun bespoke class involving music.

Watch this space!



Our Music Services and Promotions in the Music-minded section provide an outlet for participating in activities to be creative through making music or by listening to our artists on our record label or going to future events in order to relax and be inspired.