Green-minded - (Saturn)


The world is at a critical point and this area is the most important in respects to the challenges we are facing now and that we will continue to face in the near future and beyond.  Our planet deserves to be respected individually, and collectively on all levels.  We know this is an almighty challenge and we know that we need everyone to pull together and start doing!!! 


We are all more than capable of leading the lives which protect, preserve and respect the beautiful planet we live on.  There is lots of positivity and inspiration that we can change our ways and stop destroying the planet we live on.  Many organisations, businesses, leaders and charities are showing us the way and are determined to make a difference, and make the changes that are required on all levels.  This is very powerful and hope can be transformed into positive change when we all put our minds to it anything is possible!

This part of the online mag/info site will highlight ways we can all help, links to sites to do this, articles on what's happening to provide awareness and so much more.