Entreprenuer-minded - (Jupiter)


As a developing entrepreneur myself I want to help fellow entrepreneurs inspire others, and for entrepreneurs to develop, and for the business world in general to help each other grow, not compete against each other, to work with each other. In such a fiercely competitive world everyone is looking for the edge, to be unique, different, I am no different in some ways though I would say this a calling, a purpose, an expression of who and what I am and what I am here to do, other than to be competitive and be the best!  Yes I would like to be successful though not at all costs...I also want to be successful in order to help others grow, be fulfilled and succeed.  Business can become broad-minded and put purpose, people and the planet ahead of profits and be more community based. Broad-minded is about exactly that, becoming aware, doing things differently and more positively for the good of humankind.

This section will provide links, case studies, stories and inspirations and will act as a gateway and signpost for entrepreneurs to enhance themselves and the world through their businesses and projects of endeavour.