Creative-minded - (Mars)


Creative-minded is about all aspects of creativity from simplistic tasks to inventions.  From just being curious and using our imagination, to using our artistic brain, being spontaneous and using our intuitive feelings to act as a form of expression.  We all have the access and ability to be creative.  Some people maybe connect more naturally than others, however we can all be creative, even in our daily approach to life, the words we use, the way we act, the way we want to see things.  To be creative doesn't have to be writing a book, drawing a painting, making music, dancing etc although they are obviously very creative activities. 


Creativity covers such a wide aspect from designing, developing, producing, performing, delivering, facilitating, experimenting, problem solving etc.  Maybe look at adding some creativity into your life if you don't feel you are creative or creative enough, try something different, something new. As Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."  We live in a world where technology plays a big part in creativity though creativity begins with you....

In this section we will look at how creativity plays a role in our life's, it's value and we will provide links, innovative ideas, inspirational stories, share creative methods etc.  It's about everything and anything creative so if see yourself as someone whom is creative this section will also be interesting for you to develop! This section will very much be about how to be creative, how to connect to creativity, how we all connect in different ways, being open-minded to creativity and just being.