Community-minded - (Earth)


This area is very much about unity, cohesion, looking after each other, fostering harmony, building links, being charitable and being kind with one and another etc.  Society has changed as technology and global trends have developed more and more.   The world is changing at a rapid rate, job roles are changing, the way we interact with each other, learn and evolve is also changing so it's even more important to be together in order to be in harmony.  We are becoming more detached with nature and the planet we live on so it's also about highlighting the benefits of nature and all it brings to our lives and the roles we play in the community to bring about this connection for the good of society and the planet. 


Another area of importance is about educating and promoting inclusion of all people, groups, disabilities, disadvantages and needs within society so everyone has a better understanding, show a compassionate view of others whilst providing a platform for all human beings on planet earth to be a part of society, in all forms no matter our background, ability, disability or health status.

We will be providing ways to help communities develop and grow together.  We will provide articles/true stories to highlight where we are at and what we can do to inspire great change for the benefit of all.

As well as this we will be linking Community-minded with our Social-minded venture in the long term future!