Science-minded - (Uranus)

As Broad-minded's concept is based on a solar system it only seems right to have Science-minded feature on our website.  Science is a fascinating area which has played a major part in our how society and planet has evolved as we constantly strive for more knowledge in this fast paced world we live in.  Science helps us understand how things worked in the past, work today, and how things are likely to work in the future.  Just like the climate issues that we face, Science has its role to play in acquiring knowledge of how things are developing and looking for the future. 


Science is such a big area it's hard to know where to start.  What we will say is Science-minded is very much about exploring, energy, innovation, knowledge, discovery etc.  We will be looking at Science from wider perspectives as being broad-minded we should.  How can we live with science in a positive way moving forward, and how can we work with science in all areas of our life for the benefit of all.  Are there links between science and spirituality, science and nature, Is science always right?  Do we rely too much on Science and do we need to change our approach to Science. This section will have articles on new discoveries, methods, theories and so much more etc